Bernie and Dallis KramskyDallis and Bernie have been soulmates for many years, (perhaps  centuries). Their interest in history and cultures has drawn them to traveling and collecting artifacts.

Their collection has grown over the years to the point that there is no room for storage. It was decided that it was time to share the treasures rather than have the beautiful items sitting in boxes. As they say, “You don’t own things, you are but a caretaker of the history of the world.”

The collecting drew them to items that were not antique but many people asked for them. As a result, the store has reproduction knives and swords, jewelry from Peru and other countries, belly dance outfits and accessories, and many other items. These will all become collectable and antique as the years slip by.

  • a large variety of collectable vinyl records,
  • old hard cover books,
  • Roman era items from archeological digs in Eastern Europe,
  • Meerschaum pipes, Daguerreotype photos,
  • original paintings,
  • very old magazines and newspapers,
  • sports and non-sports bubble gum cards,
  • Victorian and 1920’s small items,
  • art and sculptures from many countries, coins and stamps, old electronics and

You are welcome to come in any day of the week and browse the shelves.

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  1. Hello I’m wondering if you sell gift cards. My best friend lives in Duncan and loves buying records from you guys. Let me know if it’s possible to buy online or over the phone.
    Many thanks,
    Call at 778-840-4604 or email at

    1. Hello Bobbi,
      We do purchase old records. We are looking for Rock and roll, jazz and blues. No classical, easy listening or country.

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