Dallis BellydancingDallis’ passion for belly dancing started in the year 2000. Her interest in dancing goes back to the age of 6 when she began ballet lessons and progressed to competition dancing in various forms. She was drawn to belly dancing because of the historical aspect of all the different styles and the story telling that spread across tribes and countries.

Dallis has been trained by many of the world’s renowned dancers and instructors. She has traveled to Mendocino in California, Seattle, Washington, Vancouver, Toronto and Las Vegas for workshops and instructions. She has also performed in many shows and events.

Dallis has also trained in applying Henna. Her love of the dance has led to acquiring costumes and accessories from all around the world. “Bastet’s Lair” is the retail showcase for the many items collected over the years.

Come find your inner shimmy, relax and browse the treasures from Egypt, Turkey, Morocco, Eastern Europe and Asia. Find your soul amongst Middle Eastern, folkloric, raq sharqi, tribal fusion, cabaret and Gypsy style costumes and accessories.

Moroccan Dreams

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