Berber Carpets direct from Morocco

Berber Women weaving a carpet

These traditional, hand made carpets are directly from the Berber Tribes in the Sahara of southern Morocco. All the designs are original and the Berber Carpet colours are natural, not chemical or synthetic.

The carpets are woven by the women of the tribes. The Berbers have lived in North Africa since long before the arrival of the Arabs, and their culture probably dates back more than 4,000 years.

The Berber carpet gets its name from the Berber people of north western Africa. The Berber community typically uses this variety of fabric, normally made from wool or camel hair to cover floors and to wear as cloaks.

Although most of the Berber people live in desert or semi-desert areas, the nights are often extremely cold. Thus, the Berber carpet helps to protect against such cold.

“Handmade and usually homemade Berber carpets are still an active industry in many rural areas of Berber countries. Many Berber families earn their primary income from building-up carpets manually and selling them in local markets, merchants and tourists. Traditional Berber carpets differ from modern mass-produced Berber carpets that are usually found in industrialized markets. They often employ cultural designs and are typically made of natural materials.”


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